Thursday, December 2, 2010

From Wishbone to Ruettiger - Seriously, What Just Happened?

Yesterday I woke with a new name ... Ruettiger.  Seriously.  I went to bed Wishbone (A nice name, I'll admit, and appropriate given the shape of my two back legs-absent-paws, backside and stumpy tail) and woke up Ruettiger.  My new family keeps telling people it has something to do with some movie about a kid who ends up playing for Notre Dame.  As long as he is super strong  and handsome like me, I can deal with it.  So now I'm Ruettiger ... Rudy, for short, and I have a new family. Confused?  Welcome to my world.

It all began Tuesday morning.   It seemed like any old day.  I woke up.  Stretched.  Rolled over.  Passed a little gas. Nothing new.  But something was up.  Shannon, my foster mom was looking at me funny.  Smiling, but a sad smile.  I wasn't even playing the I-may-have-only-two-paws-but-I'm-too-stinkin'-cute card yet, so what was up???  Did I swallow too much white rice and was she waiting for me to blow up like I read about on that e-mail last week??? (She always forgets to close her e-mail).

It kept on.  We went to work at the animal shelter and they were giving me treats like I was walking death row.  I WASN'T WALKING DEATH ROW, WAS I?!?!?!?!?  (No, I was pretty sure I wasn't because Shannon gave me a bath, surely they don't care if you smell like you rolled in cat poo if you are walking the green mile.)  They were all still smiling.  My foster Mom brought my bed from home.  My toys.  My Kong ...actually, all my Kongs. My wheelchair.  My leads.  More treats.  (Does my tummy hurt?)  Why is everyone being so nice?

That's when my new family showed up.  They pushed lots of pieces of paper over the couter and smiled a lot.  I got still more treats. The next thing I knew, I was in the back seat of a strange car  holding all my stuff.  I flexed my muscles a lot at Rachel, my new sister.  She was impressed.  She kept calling me Incredi-dog.  She'll do.

First we stopped at this store full of dog toys, food, bowls, beds and all kids of animal stuff.  It totally freaked me out!  There were dogs everywhere and I was certain that they were all completely intimidated by the fact that I have super-canine strength and have evolved to the point of only needing two paws.  (It can be quite embarassing, in fact, as many will wet themselves in awe.)  I felt it was best that I escape the situation as quickly as possible to save them as much of their dignity as I could, so I let Mom do the shopping while Rachel and I went back to the car.

Then I took a nap while Mom drove us home ... and we arrived just in time for all those treats to kick in!!!  Did I mention I now have a great big yard?  Well, I marked my territory in a BIG BAD way! Many times!! 

So here I am.  Ruettiger.  Rudy.  I have two new sisters and a new Mom and Dad.  They are very impressed by my super-canine strength and agility.  My new neighbors are quickly learning this as well as we are taking daily cruises with the wheels (you might call it a wheel chair for dogs, I think that sounds cheesy) so I can let all the girl dogs in the neighborhood see me. 

Time for some push ups and a nap!

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  1. WOW Rudy! What a story and may I say what a fantastic family you just got. You are a handsome fella and I bet you can really go with your wheels! Make sure your sister decorates it for Christmas. If you ever want a friend to play with, let me know. I have a high energy poodle mix that needs to run! I hope to meet you soon! Leslie